CF-208A/C/D Cat Water Feeder
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CF-208A/C/D Cat Water Feeder

  • CF-208A//C/D

CF-208A/C/D Cat Water Feeder Features:
1. Exquisite design: Simple and fashion.
2. Easy to install: You can hook it on cat cage.
3. Automatic water feeder, foldable and practical.
4. Leak-proof: Prevent water from leaking out easily.
5. Unbreak: Not easy to break.

Product Specifications:

Category Cat Water Feeder
Model No. CF-208A  CF-208C CF-208D
Picture 20178159575383628 20178159574677236 20178159574057744
Material PP/PE
Weight 105g 112g 115g
Capacity 450ml 450ml 450ml
Size 29.5×15×8cm 29.5×15×9cm 29.5×15×9cm



ctn box: 57×31×49cm