BP101 Cat Litter Tray
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BP101 Cat Litter Tray

  • BP101

   BP101 Cat Litter Tray is a great high-sided hooded cat litter box that helps keep your surroundings clean. It has high sides and a deep design to prevent spillage. The removable entry grate helps to keep paws clean when the cats exit. A plastic scoop is included with this high-sided litter box.The design of this litter box, with its hinged lid, makes  convenient and easy cleaning. The high polished interior makes cleaning effortless. The large box with a lid and handle is lightweight and easy to carry around.

Product Specifications:

Category Cat Litter Tray
Model No. BP101
Material PP
Weight 2452g
Size  58*42*42cm
Color Pink/Blue
Packing 59*34*41cm